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Texas A&M supports two types of apps - Core Apps and Consumer Apps. The Core Apps are listed below. The Consumer Apps have limited support. Please refer to knowledge base article KB0010535 for the complete list of Consumer Apps.

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Texas A&M Gmail

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Texas A&M Gmail is the official email for all Texas A&M University students. Faculty may also request a Gmail account to collaborate with students. Learn More.

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Texas A&M Calendar

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Google Calendar lets you keep track of your important meetings and events. Learn More.

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Texas A&M Drive/Team Drive

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Google Drive/Team Drive (formerly known as Google Docs) lets you store and access your files anywhere on the Web, on your hard drive, or on the go. Learn More.

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Texas A&M Groups

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Google Groups gives easy access to online discussions through mailing lists or online forms. It is great for use by project teams or groups of student organizations. Learn More.

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Texas A&M Sites

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Google Sites lets you easily create and share web pages, and link them to each other as a website. Learn More.

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Texas A&M Hangouts

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Google Hangouts lets you text chat or voice chat either within Gmail or within a standalone app. Text chat includes sending instant messages, posting status updates and transferring files. Voice chat includes telephone calls and audioconferencing capability. Learn More.